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About Us

Sangster’s is an intricate mix of professional divisions comprised of a Retail Division made up of 35+ stores operating as either Sangster's Health Centres or Sangster's Organic Markets; a Franchise Licensing Division and a Warehouse Distribution Division.

Sangster’s was originally founded by Roy Sangster in 1971, yet it was his father Wallace Sangster who introduced Roy to the industry when he bought a local health food store in Saskatoon in 1960 (Northern Health Foods on 2nd Ave.). 

In 2004, Roy sold Sangster’s to Planet Organic Health Corp. who continued to employ Roy, his wife Pat and his son Darryl. On January 1, 2008, Darryl officially became the President of Sangster’s, which also lead to Roy’s retirement later that summer.

Two years later, in February 2010, Darryl was successful in purchasing Sangster’s back from Planet Organic Health Corporation, whereby making Sangster’s a Privately Owned Family business once again. Later that summer, Darryl pushed to acquire a manufacturing facility for its manufacturing capabilities in order to efficiently manufacture and control Sangster’s product quality and supply. In July 2010, Sangster’s was successful in acquiring a manufacturing division.